ERROR message Blood Art

I am receiving an error message on Blood Art by Eugene Smith. Video below. I have tried both versions and continue to get about half way through the actions before receiving the error “Select and mask” not available.
I am not the only one having issues.
There does not appear to be a reliable way to contact the author to help trouble shoot.
Thank you.

@Eugene-design - this looks like one of yours :slight_smile: Are there any known issues affecting Select and Mask for this one?

@AdrienneWilder - just to confirm, have you already tried the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the video you linked above, and on the item’s download page?

These are the steps mentioned in the video comments:

Here is few recommendations how to fix any problems.

  1. Please check the name of created layer. The right name is “area”.
  2. Also please make sure that you loaded patterns file and brushes file.
  3. Also before you click play button please make sure that the opacity and flow values of brush tool is 100%, and that the normal mode of brush tool is selected.
  4. If it has not resolved your problem, try to reset your Photoshop settings using this method:
  5. One more thing: try to play action with another photo.
  6. Please use high quality photos with 3000px size and more.