Error installing Constructor One – Construction PSD Template

I bought the Constructor One – Construction PSD Template. Everytime i try to install it i get the error that the style.css stylesheet is missing.
I tryed downloading and installing it from firefox, google and Edge, but i get the same error no matter what…

If i install one of the default templates that comes with wordpress everything is ok…

Any suggestions on what that can be ?


Thanks for asking your question at Envato Forum.

You have make a mistake cause a PSD template will not install like that(any CMS version) what you want.
You can Install only any template CMS version like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc .

You can contact with that item author if he have WordPress version or other CMS version if you want.

How to contact any Item Author from here


Ohh… Damn… I didnt even notise that… I now bought the right template… Is it possible to get the other order cancelled ? Who do i contact ?


This is Customer Refund Policy

This Refund Request you can ask

If they don’t give may be you can’t do anything
Cause you download the file.

otherwise you can open a Envato Help ticket hope they would like to assist you


Hi @Akinseak

Envato is a digital market and you already downloaded the Item mean product is at your hand. So, I think order cancel or refund request will not be fair according to Envato refund policy as it was your mistake to select.

But one solution can be possible if Purchased Item Author have the Theme version of that PSD then you can contact Author with requesting that you will buy their theme of the PSD and would like to get a refund for the PSD as you need theme and by mistake you purchased PSD.

Contact your purchased Theme Author.


I know i downloaded it… I didnt know it wasent the actual template until i tryed to install it…
I even made a topic here on your forum cause i had trouble installing it until someone told me it wasent the template i was trying to install but the PSD files…

I cant use the psd files for anything, so he could be polite and return the order.
I will throw in a good comment on Trustpilot if he does…