Error in the New System Upload "Select Local Files"

Error in the new system to upload “Select Local Files”.
Since yesterday I am trying to send two files. Everything is normal with
the exception that it is nowhere in the queue waiting review files,
they are not present.
Today again upload the same two files and they’re not seeing in the tail.
I hope to address this problem.
you send the 50-60 files is likely to lose some of them if not
addressed. We should check the waiting list at an interval of time to
make sure that we are all uploaded successfully.
This is annoying and waste time.
A few days ago I sent files with the titles identical to those in
waiting. Once you had to describe them I saw that they had opened old
waiting files that days ago was already described.
Oldest form of upload for now is good to me
Sorry for my bad English.

Now I got three new file. And they did not show up in the queue for review.