Error in plugin "sass" using the gulp command to compile the Velzon template 1.8


I encounter problems on the configuration and customization of the web template Velzon (version 1.8).
I downloaded this last update but I’n not able to compile it according the guidance and the documentation.
yarn install
gulp build
reports issues on a lib.

Error in plugin “sass”
Error: $color: var(–vz-card-bg) is not a color.

185 │ “r”: red($color),
│ ^^^^^^^^^^^

node_modules\bootstrap\scss_functions.scss 185:10 luminance()
node_modules\bootstrap\scss_functions.scss 174:8 contrast-ratio()
node_modules\bootstrap\scss_functions.scss 159:22 color-contrast()
node_modules\bootstrap\scss_accordion.scss 7:34 @import
node_modules\bootstrap\scss\bootstrap.scss 29:9 @import
src\scss\config\default\bootstrap.scss 15:9 root stylesheet

Any help will be very appreciate on the guidance or consultancy on this Template.

Hi Richard,

This issue was because of updated version came of Bootstrap from 5.1.3 to 5.2.0.
You can simply remove ^ from the package.json file for the bootstrap package and check it.
Feel free to contact us via support via Themeforest in order to get support.
The current version 2.0.0 has fixed this issue and provided lots of new features and demos.

Thank you