Error in Canvas Slicer Slider

Hello Envato Team!

I’m stuck in a difficult situation. Maybe here I could find exit.

I bought yesterday Canvas Slicer Slider at CodeCanyon. The downloaded archive unpacked without problems but one of the zip-archives in the first doesn’t extract. Actually it is main archive with source files. With doc archive everything is ok.

I wrote to the developer and he asked me that he send new file to your team. But for the moment problem is not solved. Archive named ‘’ unable to expand.

Please can you help me somehow. I need to present my project to the client tomorrow but still don’t have any normal animation for the main banner. And all other scripts that I find in the Internet do not satisfy me.

Thanks in advance for any help or answer.


Contact with that author with your purchase key hope they solved your issue.
how to

Or open a envato help Support ticket

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