Error Elementor with DHEForm

Hello, my website is broken because of a conflict between DHEForm and Elementor. I received the following message: “Your site is experiencing a technical issue. An error of type E_ERROR was caused on line 157 of the file /home/u293174283/domains/ Mensagem de erro: Uncaught Error: Class ‘Elementor\Scheme_Typography’ not found in /home/u293174283/domains/
Stack trace:
#0 /home/u293174283/domains/ DHE_Form_Widget_Submit_Button->_register_controls()
#1 /home/u293174283/domains/ Elementor\Controls_Stack->init_controls()
#2 /home/u293174283/domains/ Elementor\Controls_Stack->get_stack()
#3 /home/u293174283/domains/ Elementor\Widget_Base->get_stack()
#4 /home/u293174283/domains/ Elementor\Controls_Stack->get_controls()”

this error is occurring on login and registration pages.

any suggestion on how to solve it? Thanks

Contact the plugin author to get some free support