Error! Customer cant download my project

Error! Customer cant download my project. I’ve tried download it too, but… the same.
I’ve tried download other projects… the same. Some projects I can download, and some do not. @scottwills where can I write to Envato support team, or maybe you can help with this problem?

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Hi @romlam It could be a temporary issue. You might want to periodically keep checking it. What’s one of your own items that you cannot download yourself and what link/page are you using? Let me know and I’ll give it a try also. Meanwhile, here’s the link you need to report it to Support:

Update: I just logged in as you and I was able to download all 30 of your most recent items so no problem here. If problems persist, make sure you submit the issue to support via the link I mentioned earlier and let them know as much info as possible, your location, time of day, browser, operating system, what you had for lunch¹ etc… :thumbsup:

¹ Obviously not that, but you get the idea. :wink:

Thank you, Scott. He bougth my project 4 mounths ago, and now he was trying download it again.Customer has already written that he managed to download. I’ve tried download it, and I managed to download too. Looks like it was temporary bug. Sorry for my panic :wink: I just always try to help my customers as soon as possible. :man_technologist::mag::bulb::wrench::+1::muscle:

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No worries @romlam, glad to hear the issue has resolved itself. Enjoy the rest of the day!

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