ERROPiX Debugger

Hi dear Envato authors,

I just had some free time and created a useful WordPress tool. a simple plugin that allow debugging many things about WordPress and PHP code in general.

The plugin help debug the following:

  • PHP Errors, never leave an error in your release!
  • PHP Functions, find in which file the function is defined and what arguments it need.
  • PHP Class, find in which file the class is defined and it’s methods and properties.
  • Dump variables.
  • Dump shortcodes
  • Dump actions and filters

You can get it from GitHub now

Please also give me your feedback about the tool.

Thank you

I forgot to mention, the plugin can be installed as normal plugin, but I prefer using it as a mu-plugin because they are loaded before any plugin to be able to catch errors.

Ah! it’s intalled like a mu-plugin? ok, Thanks for the info!