Equipment (monitors, headphones) for your quality control

Hello guys! Share your methods of “Quality-Control” or “Quality Monitoring”. What audio monitors or headphones do you use your records to be compatible with the low-end equipment? Maybe you know some tricks.

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Hi! I use monitors Yamaha HS7.


Only one monitors? Do you listen your music on different monitors or phones?

I know it’s awful but I mix all my tracks on in-ear headphones that cost about $20. I don’t have space in my flat for a proper studio set up and I don’t have any better headphones. Expensive monitors and headphones are overrated anyway :slight_smile:


Have you rejects from envato? If yes then how often?

About 3 since I started in February out of 71 items. Two were because of the compositions not being marketable and one for the mix. I think my tracks stand up though.

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My monitors - Yamaha HS7 and my headphones - beyerdynamic DT 770 pro.


Awesome tracks and really nice playing. I do think they lack the hi-end sparkle though which of course could be easily added. But it does show you don’t NEED the fanciest of equipment to make good stuff.

Thanks, I’m not saying I’m against them either. We’re moving house at the moment and I’m definitely going to build my own space to record and produce. I think some nice monitors would polish up my tracks a little more too


Most monitors are only as good as the room they’re in. Seeing as you’re moving you have a great chance of addressing both. Good luck with the move! For authors in crappy spaces I strongly suggest saving your money and using decent headphones. You’ll achieve better mixes with $20 ear buds than on $1000 monitors in a terrible space. Just something to consider :slight_smile:

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Guys we’re a little bit away from the topic. I am interested in is not the primary monitor on which you work, and how do you bring it to the mix of mind that he would have sounded good on any phone, laptop and other low-quality acoustics.))

Your primary objective still has to be a good mix that translates well on most average to decent systems. How you achieve that greatly depends on your current setup and environment. Now, If you’re concerned about how things sound through crappy laptop speakers, cheap headphones etc the answer is simple - listen back on those devices and adjust accordingly. The car, the phone, the baby monitor etc. It’s pretty common to see cheap earbuds in pro studios and even clients ducking out to see how things translate in the car mid session. The only way to find out is to test


Thank you so much for such a detailed response! It turns out that there is no fiction in it, just listen and take everywhere?

I use headphones beyerdynamics dt 990 pro. I like them very much.
Here is what I have created with these headphones

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I think Apple earbuds are good to have for referencing, since they are fairly prevalent. They actually aren’t horrible headphones - a bit too heavy in the lower frequencies, but not as bad as something like Beats. I also sometimes use my wife’s cheap computer speakers for referencing. If something sounds good though my monitors, my Audio Technica M50’s, Apple earbuds, and computer speakers, I figure it should pretty much sound good anywhere.

I also have the idea to one day pull the cheap speakers out of my old car, mount them in a box, and use those for referencing as well.

I would say a good trick is to turn the volume WAAAYYY down on whatever you are mixing and see if the important parts of the mix are still coming through. A lot of things sound fine at full blast, turn down the volume, not so much.

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Interesting views on monitoring here but am I the only person reading this and thinking ‘…shit-control…???’

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Hello BePro! Maybe you have something to add on the subject?

Yeah sure. I wasn’t criticising you. I genuinely don’t know what you mean by ‘shit control’ - that’s all.

I found it really odd how everyone seemed to be not mentioning it.

No offence mate, honestly :smiley:

As for monitoring, I use different speaker systems (car, studio, headphones etc) although my main monitors aren’t as colourless as I’d like and I have to compensate in my mix.

It’s ok though, as I’ve become accustomed to the bass boost and know how much to tweak to get a good mix.

Apologies again if I offended you.

As a side note, someones actually unfollowed me because of my question! lol

Best, BP.

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Ok, I got it! It’s you I’m sorry! I am not a native English speaker and can prevent linguistic mistake. Now in more detail what I mean :slight_smile: “Schit Control” - a term used by many sound engineer at the stage of mastering and mixing. Its essence is as follows: finished audio material is listening on multiple devices like sound quality is shit (and so is the name). It can be a mobile phone, laptop, the cheapest headphones or speakers in your car. Hence, the better your mix the better it sounds at all of these devices, and if there are errors in the mix once you hear them.

My shit control? You really want to know?