Epic Video Creating for Video Sharing Site PHP Script (Under Development)

Hi Guys!

I hope you are all fine!

I am working on a new script, need your feedback/ideas about it.:grinning:

BTW: I am plan to create Auto Youtube Upload with this, what you guys say about it?

Demo Link: Video Creator <-- Need FeedBack

How to use?

  1. Open link, Add youtube videos which must has 720p video quality
  2. Hit Grab Video List (and then select 720hd) from drop down.
  3. You can sort fields by drag and drop the GRAB icon. sorting will help you to put the videos in order.
  4. If you want to add Count UP (1, Video, 2 Video up to 10) than click “Counting” checkbox.
  5. its Time to HIT SEND… and WAIT FOR FEW MINUTES…

Little Instruction already display on this link!

P.S You will see the “Folder LINK” which is specially created for you for tested purpose, you can see this video later!.

P.S.S A Random Intro video will be added at start (only for 2 available for now).

P.S.S.S: this will also auto apply a Watermark (logo) on the top right corner!


No One Tested yet!

Little surprised!

The idea is perfect.

But you need better UI for that.
And user friendly errors non technical like i.e. 404
Also if you can give percentage of rendering it’s better. use javascript timer with ajax to server response.

All the best.