Envato's Year in Review 2015

Hi folks,

We’ve just posted Envato’s Year in Review for 2015 over on the Inside Envato blog.

We’d love you to check it out - your achievements last year were remarkable.

We think you’ll also be interested in the categories across Envato that have grown and new areas we’re delving into. It’s also helpful to look at the most popular jobs on Envato Studio and what people are learning over on Envato Tuts+, to get a good overview of the types of projects people are building and how they can utilise your products and talents.

What was your 2015 Envato highlight (or favourite story)?

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A lot happened in one year! :slight_smile: Thanks for the review.
My envato highlight was that i decided to spend more time to create products here.

one time i got up from my computer to make a coffee and made 5 sales/200 dollars when i got back. :slight_smile:

2015 was an amazing year for me because it’s the year I arrived ! :slight_smile:

In March 2015 I was trying to sale my first item on videohive and today I just sold my 779th item !!!
I told you it was an amazing year :wink:

Thanks Envato

there are pros and cons for everything, many new things making their way here , not all very author friendly but a decent year sale wise …

lol u have to be a shark man lol :wink: