Envato's "Update Item" system needs a fix

We recently launched a new plugin WPNotif on codecanyon and today at the time of releasing an update for that plugin by mistake we opened edit option for one of our old plugin Digits and updated the zip of WPNotif plugin in Digits and the best part was that the trusted update got approved.

Not sure what that trusted update do exactly, but you should have some checks in place to at least check the zip name before letting that automatic system blindly approve the item. If that’s too much and not possible for now then just having a popup showing author the name of plugin and the files being updated for confirmation will help.

We understand that this was a silly mistake from our end but I am sure this can happen to a lot of us when maintaining multiple items.


with respect, your suggestion to check zip name match with item title is not simple and most of the cases it can return result false because we always not keep zip and item title same (also case sensative issues, in title there are small letter, capital letter, space) also some times we use small name for zip and use “-” for space where we can use around 100 characters for title. So, in this way most of the author wil face problem to submit and update their item.

Hope you can guess what a complex issue can face author in that case.


You kind of said it all with this statement. By mistake you wrongly updated another item. What’s the Item Update process have to do with you wrongly selecting the item you wish to update?

It happened to me as well once in the past ( 3 - 5 years back, can’t really remember ) and I got notified by a customer. I re-updated the item, and that’s that.

It was then my mistake as it is now yours for not properly checking the item.

Now, before I click “Submit” for any new item I always double check the item I’m updating to be 100% sure! :slight_smile:

Cheers mate! :slight_smile:


I always check the url before starting my update upload and match with my Item to make sure I am on the right item. :slightly_smiling_face:

This can be done with fuzzy match, its not that hard. But still we can skip the zip name check and instead read the php file content or atleast its file name.

This is where UI and UX come into play. For sure this won’t happen again in future as even we’ll double check the url before submitting :sweat_smile: but all of this can be prevented if the page just asked for confirmation in a popup showing the plugin’s name and the files that are going to be modified, this won’t hurt anyone. :stuck_out_tongue:

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