Envato's give-aways

… is a very nice feature and I’d love to download things for free just to test them. But I get a notification early in the morning (my European time zone) about free downloads which expires less than 2 hours later…
So I get no chance for a free download and I don’t feel treated like a good customer.
Maybe you give people living somewhere outside Australia a chance?

thanks a best regards

What give aways/free downloads are you talking about? Because the free files are generally available for a month. Or did I miss some give away?

this one:

_Freebie: Games Trailer Cinematic Titles _

Burst onto the scene with the Superhero Games Trailer - Cinematic Titles for After Effects, free for just 24 hours! Dynamic text sequence and 3D opener perfect for use in gaming videos and movie trailers. 8 placeholders and 17 text holders with a separately purchased Epic Rock audio track by TitanSlayer.
_ _
Collect Free Cinematic Titles

Expires May 18th, 6:00pm AEST.

received this email May 18th, 8:03 CEST
if you say it’s up for a month I must have missed it…

Ah ok, I thought you meant the monthly free files. Hm, never got that mail. Must have been some promo directed towards a certain group of customers. Interesting.

Guess only Envato will have the answer for you then.

Didn’t know they did 24h promos.

Hi @fxc. Thanks for the feedback! The file in that email has actually just had its free window extended to next Monday, so you still have a chance to download it here:

Generally, free files are used in 7-day or monthly campaigns, so they can be accessible across all timezones. You might occasionally see a 48hr offer, but we try to avoid anything shorter as too many people will open the email after the offer ends.

The email that you received was an unusual case, as that campaign began earlier in the week with an email sent to a different segment of the Market Mail list. It looks like a secondary segment was used later on, which is when you would have received the email. Once our Marketing team realised that the expiry date remained unchanged, they extended the download window and send a notification to people from the second batch.

We’re definitely trying to make sure as many customers as possible can benefit from these campaigns, and not just the people sharing our timezone :wink: Previously, most campaigns have been optimised for a US audience, as that’s the largest single customer group for each marketplace. That approach is gradually changing, deploying emails based on the recipient’s location - so you should find out about new offers at a time that works best for you.


Hi Ben

thanks a lot for the quick an detailed answer, very much appreciated!
I have received the email with the extended offer and sure will give it a try.

Thanks again and best wishes -


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Hello! How do you get onto that mailinglist? Cause I like to be involved🌻

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Don’t ask me - I guess because I bought something… ?

@vinz98 There are a few different signup points (account creation, first purchase etc), but you can also sign up manually here: http://marketmail.envato.com/