Envato's email newsletters issues.

I tried to reply to your email newsletter to let you know you are sending out garbage but you sent me an auto reply to post on the forums…

You guys might want to look over your emails a little more carefully before you send them. The last 2 or 3 that I’ve got the CTA button says: “Call to action button” and the links are wrong.

These are HUGE mistakes. SMH

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This is what your emails look like when I get them. Maybe they are automated and you are not seeing them before they go out? All of them say “Call to action button”.

AND AGAIN the links are wrong. The buttons don’t take you to the file described. Goes to an error-ed out Envato homepage.

I just went through the exact same thing you did going back to your original post. These bad emails have been like this for a few weeks. Envato doesn’t make it easy to tell them they have a problem. Epic fail and laziness on their part.

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Just received the same mail, and everything’s fine on my end. That’s odd.

I just posted my own complaint about this issue. Been going on for weeks and tired of it. They sure don’t make it easy to do.

Purple…what email program are you using? Just curious to see if we can find a common denominator to the issue.

Gmail. Checked on my computer and on my phone, both work fine.

Thanks. Using Outlook myself.

I’ve been seeing this issue for over a month. Huge fail. Give your customers a way to contact you when you send an email.

Can you post a screenshot Purple?

@natman, @KingDog, can you guys get in touch with the marketing team and see what’s going on with the newsletters and why they are gettting sent out scrambled like this?

As for the thread, thank you very much for notifing us about this issue. I’m very certain that Nat and Travis will take care of this issue and notify the proper members. I’m going to lock this down!

Cheers and thanks again! :slight_smile:

@Jeff-mmm, @SWD2011, @PurpleFogSound, after receiving feedback from the marketing team I can tell you all that it seems only Outlook users are affected by this issue, and this issue can be resolved by simply clicking “view email online” or apparently, checking it in another application that’s not Outlook. We do appreciate your feedback and if you are encountering issues like these in the future or now, please post screenshots. Also, can I ask you guys, what version of Outlook are you using? I’ll be passing all this info back to the marketing team as they are already working on a fix. The more information the better.


I’m using Outlook 2007 on Windows 8.1 Pro x64. I use it for business and all security and Junk email settings are set to the lowest levels to prevent inadvertent blocking of clients and legitimate emails, so it’s doubtful Outlook is blocking anything. I haven’t had this issue with any other emails from dozens of sources for many years, except from GoDaddy Garage and Envato’s emails. GoDaddy blew it off because they can’t figure out what’s wrong, although many people are having a similar issue with missing images in their emails.

Screenshot is pointless to send because it’s exactly like Jeff-mmm’s original posting screenshot.

One other thing, Enabled…earlier, you closed and unlisted this thread, preventing anyone from responding back or providing any further feedback and thoughts to help troubleshoot this issue. Please don’t do that, as it’s frustrating to us customers who are taking time out of our day to help, then we’re barred from responding or saying anything else for no reason. If stopping your customers from providing as much help and feedback as they can, taking time out of their day to do this, then there’s no point in helping any longer.

Thank you.

@SWD2011, thank you for your feedback. I locked this thread out to prevent useless comments until a proper response could be given. Threads like these tend to start a flaming session and lead to it being locked permanently, so locking it wasn’t intended to offend. I’ll pass your feedback forward! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Ok…thanks for letting us know your reasons for locking it. It really felt like we were getting blown off so we couldn’t say anything else and would go away.

That would and will never happen. These conversations do tend to spin to off-topic chats and then locking them is required. I’ve passed your information down to the marketing team. If you notice any issues from this point forward, please be sure to post them and I’ll get in touch with them again.

Cheers and thanks again! :slight_smile:

Coming back with an update for the situation. There will be 2 more emails sent this week unfortunately with the old template implemented as these are sent using schedules, but you will be able to see them properly by opening the email online. Afterwards the team has informed me that the template will be fixed. If you receive any emails starting next week that still have this issue, please let me know so I can communicate the information internally. Cheers and thanks again for your valuable feedback! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the update, Enabled. Just curious, but did the team mention what the issue is, such as a CSS bug? Being webby & creative people, we always want to know what an issue was, how it was fixed, etc. :sunglasses:

I haven’t asked about it, but I’ll request more information on this. Please note, I cannot guarantee this information will be given though, as the internal systems that send the emails might contain code that is proprietary. Cheers! :slight_smile: