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who knows, they don’t tell us anything! it’s a terrible system

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What was the reject reason. Even if rejected there’s usually a little snippet for rejection.

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Make the antler shapes more like hearts. (To go more along with the “love” part of “EcoLove”).

Make the “nose” area a bit more pointed.

The area where the antlers connect to the head looks off. Likely due to you just duplicating the shape and adjusting the size and angle. The antlers should have a fairly clean transition between them and the head, no lumps.

The connection between the head and the ears is also weird. Too much of a gap on the upper part.

Don’t just separate the two colours with a clean vertical line, do something more creative. Maybe try making the darker part look like the shadowed side of the head, like some silhouetted simple details to define the shape of the head/face.

The text is too simple and basic. Try using something more natural looking.

Look up “deer logo” on Google, and you’ll find lots of great examples of how you could improve this.

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hi i personally believe that the execution maybe perfected , as mentioned by @XioxGraphix, i agree with most of the things he said as far as the drawing is concerned … however , even if this is part of the explanation for the rejection for me this may not be the main one … for me u have , at this stage two main issues … first of all the typo … this is really really too flat , lacking much originality , font variations and combinations , as well this is lacking relief and visibility … is other words, as such the logo is not super effective … reworking colors may help slightly but there is much much more to do aside , too

the seance main problem for me is a sort of disconnection between the illustration and the texts … this is failing to imbricate enough in my view and to insure a continuation so that the logo appears as a whole … what u have right now is a bit more like elements pasted right next to each other , so to speak …

finally i think that the shapes of this logo are a bit too rounded so to speak when it would rather take a more angular modern style in my opinion

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Thank you so much for your advice_ XioxGraphix:+1:

Thank you so much !!!

for my 23 logos in same messages !!!
i am trying to 3 month :cold_sweat:


I’ll trying :+1:

Try a different category like t-shirts. Seams like logo category is to hard for you.

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i ma afraid that this is not any better though lol

your logo look perfect dear whey they can’t approve and did not response our post. still i think you should direct mail on there email. and attach logo as well.