Envato Worldwide Author Conference 2019



Great Offer


Please arrange an official meetup in India. I will must go.




It’s great to hear about Author Conference is coming. But what about Pakistan? I wanted to join you guys but you should do something for people who are not the citizen of USA.



We’re waiting to see your events in India! :smiley:


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Awesome! See you guys in NYC


Its a great news, thanks :slight_smile:




Thanks for the reminder @unvab! We had previously updated all of the marketing collateral but I hadn’t updated this forum post :slight_smile: Should all hopefully be correct now!


Thank you:) :hugs: Does this apply to T-shirts too? :nerd_face:




Hi all, as part of last year’s EuroTour we had the pleasure of interviewing some of the authors who attended. I’ve been working on a video series, Author Stories, and we’ve just released the first episode of three. This one focuses on the theme of ‘Starting Out at Envato’ which you can take a look at here.


We look forward to talking to some of you at Worldwide this year!


Really great news. But I am Bangladeshi. So far from here.


Does the envato team consider holding a similar conference in Minsk in the future?


This is a Great One