Envato Wordpress Toolkit plugin stuffing things up

Hi the Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin is stuck and not installing properly. It seems to be on a loop of telling me to update, updating then telling me I’m not up to date again.
And now it’s giving me errors not allowing it to be activated which is causing function problems with my website. I’ve been having issues for a while and have finally realised that when the plugin is working well, my site works well but I can’t get it up and running anymore.

deactivating, deleting and re installing the plug in just made things worse.
Not sure where to go from here. The burger menu won’t open and I’m pretty sure it’s due to this (because whenever it happens, eventually there’s a new envato wordpress toolkit up date that ends up fixing the issue after its installed).
And now the burger menu icon has completely disappeared from the top right of the screen: http://www.laraluz.com