Envato will be close for Indian Residence ?


Today morning i have received a shocking email from Envato that i will not be able to use Community (I am a author at CodeCanyon) any further after December of this Year since i belong to restricted country.

I am still wondering what is happening ? Is it true that being an Indian Person i will no longer sell items ?


You will be able to use Envato from India. I think the mail might have been mistakenly sent.
There is a help article related to countries which won’t be able to use Envato from next year.


Could you share the exact content of that email please? A screenshot?

            Hi sarah23,

            Last month we announced

some changes in relation to our move to the US including the list of
Restricted Countries from which Envato Market will no longer be
available. You are receiving this email as you have been identified as
potentially being located in a Restricted Country.

            Our Restricted Countries list includes those 

countries we are prohibited trading with due to US sanctions, as well as
those countries our payment providers cannot make payments to or
receive payments from. This list of countries may change from time to
time, and can be found in the Help Center.

            From December 15, 2015, Envato Market will no longer be accessible from the Restricted Countries.
            What happens next?
           Before 24:00 AEDT on November 30, 2015:
                   You should ensure your Country in Billing Information is selected and up to date, even if you are not from a Restricted Country.You should ensure all your items are downloaded if you are a Buyer from a Restricted Country.You should use any Envato Credits if you are a Buyer from a Restricted Country.Around December 15, 2015: We will disable the accounts of all Buyers from Restricted Countries.
                   On December 15, 2015: We will apply an IP block across Envato Market for Restricted Countries.

Around December 31, 2015: We will refund any Envato Credits not used by Buyers from Restricted Countries by December 31, 2015, and that refund will be paid to the last payment method used on your account.

            What if I am not located in a Restricted Country and/or believe I have been sent this email in error?
            Please ensure you have selected your Country in 

Billing Information (which can be found in the Personal Information
section of Settings) by December 14, 2015 to avoid your account being disabled. You should be aware we will be applying an IP block for Restricted Countries on December 15, 2015.

            Can I have an extension of time or are there any exceptions?
            Unfortunately we are not able to grant extensions to 

the time frames listed in this email or make any exceptions due to US
sanctions. If you are located in a Restricted Country you will not be
able to access Envato Market from 15 December, 2015.

            Can I be a user again if my country of residence is removed from US sanctions?
            If sanctions no longer apply to a country we may be 

able to remove that country from our Restricted Countries list as long
as our payment providers support payments in that country. If that is
that case then your account may be enabled if you provide us with up to
date Billing Information. We aim to make Envato as universally
accessible as possible, and will monitor sanctions lists for changes
that allow us to offer our services more broadly.

            How should I contact you if I have any questions?
            If you have any further questions you should contact us at restrictedcountries@envato.com.
			Thank you
            For those of you that will be leaving us, on behalf 

of the entire company we’d like to thank you for the contribution you
have made to our community over the years.

            The Envato Team


I’m sure that India is not a restricted country. Is India actually your selected country of residence in your account?


India is not a restricted country. Email must have been sent by mistake or you should check the address and country that you have provided in your account.

Following countries are restricted.

Sudan North
Sudan South
North Korea



I have selected my Address County to India


Is that where you live?


India only : )


Jolly good. Just checking!


You must have selected a different country that’s why you got that email.


is that true?


No, it is not. They sent email due to mistake. Cheers : )