Envato, what did you do ?


This is about sales for CodeCanyon which finally gave signs that they start growing.
However, for last week, they dropped a lot, like 50% compared to two weeks before, when they went very good.
This is not just me, if you look at http://codecanyon.net/popular_item/by_category?category=php-scripts almost all items have lost a lot of sales compared to previous two weeks.

So, Envato, what did you do?


I don’t think Envato can take responsibility for Easter!


Ah, that must be it, i didn’t think of that since we have one more month till Easter here :slight_smile:


I just assumed it was on the same day around the world… you learn something new every day! Anyway, I hope Envato don’t take responsibility for Easter… we’ll have to give them 50% of our Easter eggs! :laughing:


Good one :smiley: