Envato valid purchase key check & auto updating my plugin

I am new to Envato, I am a non-exclusive author and I also sell my plugin using Easy Digital Downloads on my own website and I use their software licencing plugin which is hooked into my plugin.

I ideally want to maintain one plugin regardless of where the user purchased I intended to use Envato’s licence key validation for Envato customers and the EDD validation when the user has purchased from my own website.

I was thinking of doing this by having the user select whether they purchased via codecanyon or my own website in my plugins settings and depending on selection they go through either validation system.

Is this allowed? Or do I need to maintain 2 x plugins?

My other question relates to auto updating my plugin when a new release is available, how does this work with Envato? Do I update it purely in Envato and users manually download (or use the Envato updater)?

With EDD on my own site I can update the plugin and it sends off the update alerts to users to upgrade if wanted.

For the updates yes, you update it on CodeCanyon and the buyers will be notified and will have to manually download the update (unless you don’t implement some auto-update system that updates the file based on the purchase key).

Please also take a look here: Envato Market WordPress Plugin (beta)

This seems to be a more simple way to manage plugin update.

Okay thanks for the information, for now I am going maintain one version of the plugin.