Envato user statistics - who do they include?

I am curious about some info here that I saw while waiting on a large program to compile…

Envato claims to have over 6.3 million members… I assume that is made up of buyers and authors…

I found a page that lists the number of badges that have been issued and I believe that, like me, if you don’t collect badges, and you are a buyer only, you have two mandatory badges issued/displayed… number of years and number of purchases…


so… I see the number of people who have the various collector amounts…

Collector Level 1 7774
Collector Level 2 3224
Collector Level 3 837
Collector Level 4 754
Collector Level 5 36
Collector Level 6 16

This comes to a total of 12,641 people who have bought something… or does it?

I can’t believe that out of 6.3 million members, only 12,641 have bought something… the numbers don’t add up…

So… what do these numbers mean? I am a Level 5 Collector… and it appears that there are only 35 other people with that level of purchases? … I don’t think so.

The only thing I can think of is that these numbers only represent the number of people registered on the forums and that this is their breakup etc… does anybody know?

The badge numbers only represent users who have logged into the new forums since we started them in late August. So those numbers shouldn’t be relied on :smiley:

Hope that helps!


It’s clear :smile:

we all know that statistics are sometimes a bit swollen out of advertising issues and it doesn’t really matter what is the exact number anyway , does it?

I would hardly call these statistics swollen… :slight_smile: it couldn’t be more of the opposite I think… and no it doesn’t matter at all… but I was killing time and noticed a quite massive difference in the numbers so I thought I’d ask…