Envato 'uploader' vis FTP Dragon!


I have heard that Envato has a plug in that makes FTP a lot easier to do? Is this a myth? Is it real?

I ask because I have a lot of ftp issues and a plug in like this would be a dream come true for me fighting the dragon Filezilla!! Please, someone put me out of my puzzled misery!


Never had any issues with Filezilla. What is wrong?


Sorry to take so long to get back to you DT.

I worked out that it was more cost effective to buy a new theme than spend my limited time trying to work out why Filezilla won’t work.

My Filezilla fail? The reason, I think, is that FileZilla may not have liked my Mac and I being on a network at home, that i.e. not connected directly to the internet - I could update via my partner’s PC but I was not keen on bothering him for something I should be able to sort out. I got frustrated at spending valuable ‘making’ time struggling with sorting it out and having to pester technical people who have better things to do.

I am sure Filezilla is a real asset to many, and the failure is my own!


FileZilla is great in most scenarios. I know a lot of people whom swear by it.

Personally, I use Coda2 as it’s my editor as well. For Mac only, works great!

For going between machines (OSX to Windows) I will often use FileZilla, or CuteFTP (it’s premium though).

I really recommend CuteFTP, it’s a simple clean interface that works on both OS and rather reliable (for me).

Envato does have what is called the Envato Toolkit: https://github.com/envato/envato-wordpress-toolkit

Maybe that is what you’re referring to?


Toolkit won’t work but there is a great new plugin coming from Envato soon!


I figured it wouldn’t work, but that’s what I thought maybe they were referring to :smile:

Cool knowing about something new is in the works!