Envato Unlimited WordPress themes & plugins

Hello, What enavto means by they offer unlimited WordPress themes & plugins downloads a month if I purchased their monthly plan?


These Envato Unlimited WordPress themes & plugins download mean.
if you purchase this Offer by $16 then you are able to unlimited download from Envato Elements everything that are exist on Enavto Elements.

Hope you understand .
let me know any other question.


I’m new here, I’ve a small doubt. If I bought an Envato unlimited plan for one month and I bought 1 or 2 themes for my websites from here https://elements.envato.com/wordpress/themes/compatible-with-woocommerce (for free, because it is an unlimited plan)

And I ended my subscription after one month, does this mean I got a regular license for those products and I can continue to use that on my websites?
Is that allowed?

Here you will find about license issue details

Still have any question you can get in touch with Envato Elements Support They will give you an official answer.


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