Envato Toolkit Plugin Depracating

At the top of my site I have this:

It seems that you don’t have Envato Toolkit activated, please install it so that you could be notified automatically of new Daynight updates!

You could download the plugin here

I have deleted, downloaded, installed, re-deleted, re-downloaded, & re-installed BOTH versions of your plugin about a zillion times and that error wont go away! What’s going on??

Thank you!

Hello @TwinRiversNet

Have you removed first completely the old version of Envato Toolkit plugin from your WordPress website, as explained in this installation tutorial:
https://envato.com/market-plugin/upgrading/ ? If you scroll down that page, you’ll find more info.

You should delete completely the Envato Toolkit plugin first and only then install the new one, Envato Market plugin.

All the best!

Yes, I have done it repeatedly. Plus, it wont let you install one if the other exists.

That’s exactly the idea :wink:
Delete them both, it’s safer - and install from scratch Envato Market plugin (not Envato Toolkit plugin, don’t install that one anymore)

That’s my point. I have done that… over and over again… that message still won’t go away.

Then it means that the Envato Toolkit plugin is integrated directly in the theme and the theme author should remove it.

Please contact the author of your theme and give them this link to upgrade to Envato Market:

Thank you!

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