Envato Toolkit not working - Username and/or API Key invalid message.



I am a pro-bono consultant to a non-profit using a wordpress website and having envato toolkit installed as a plugin. The settings page has a Marketplace name of “flexserve” and a secret API key. These are not working for them. I want to check their account and even see if they are up-to-date. We want to use Envato Toolkit, but we are being told on the website —> Username and/or API Key invalid.
Our site is: www.compassctr.org

Company info:
Name: The Compass Center
210 Henderson St
Chapel Hill, NC, 27514
The account owner/admin could be: Clarke Martin, Darlene Fiscus, Vicki Parker, or Nancy Sowa. There have been numerous changes here, and no one knows the left hand from the right. I want to get them in order on the website, and for the Envato Toolkit, I have no idea whom to contact. Please advise.

Thank You,
Ken Hoff