Envato too big for it's boots to care about customer service?

I’m so disappointed in the complete lack of service and disrespect for my money. A theme I purchased was available for free within hours of my purchase. this is unfair and unscrupulous. I am unwilling to pay for freebie themes.
Below is my last email, ignored - even by the ENVATO board.
Hi lovely Envato tribe!

I’ve written a request for a refund for the theme Cannix, I purchased it but it was made available for free a few hours later. I’m so disappointed by this, as an activist, I have very few resources and must count each penny. As a novice, I used free themes until 2015, then purchased a theme for a client and realised the total awesomeness of paid themes.

Purchasing a free theme accessible to anyone is simply not what I can afford to do. A purchase implies some level of exclusivity - when the payment purpose is disrespected, there’s little reason to remain loyal to you.

My loyalty is to Envato - not it’s many individual developers. It’s not right for a developer to make claims on my purchase decisions and to say that I only get a ‘refund’ upon purchase of another of his themes. That’s bullying and doesn’t sound like good policy for Envato.

I understand the free theme users receive no support - that’s fine with me. If the theme sucks it requires support, if it rocks - none! In this case Cannix, was not only free but the purchased version didn’t work correctly. The primary plugin was not available. Even with support, we couldn’t get it going - so why would I engage with this designer after disappointing and inconveniencing me on two levels?

I need to purchase a theme for my education website, keepclimbing. It targets poor people and explains opportunities to them. But I need my current matter to be resolved so that I know I’m continuing to purchase from a reliable, ethical and consistently professional service.

I’m fond of Envato, please please don’t disappoint me. I’m a strong believer in ethics and write policy for organisations to keep them abreast of both legislation and sociological trends, i.e. the zeitgeist or ‘spirit of our people.’ People don’t like being mucked about, we all want to keep things simple and compassionate - I mean we’re all people, right!

Like you guys, I’m someone who has chosen to embrace online services and contribute to a global culture, as such I need to know I can trust Envato or I must use your services very selectively and stop recommending you to my community. I have more than 20k followers on Linkedin and am outspoken on issues about exploitation, lack of ethics and business codes.

I wish to be gracious and trust my appeals to you can be addressed with consideration.