Envato Token - How many times can you use this?

Hi, we are looking to try and test the update you have for Jnews on our website. However, our tech guy needs to test out the theme first via our staging site to see if it will not cause issues. That said, we’ll be using the Envato Token twice if we checked that it didn’t have any issues. Is that possible? Please confirm.

You may not be able to use the same Token twice

Okay, can I generate two Envato tokens then? Because if not, it seems like the only option is to back the live** site, update and see if there are issues. If there are, we just revert back. I was hoping to see the new update on the staging site and test it out. Please confirm if we can generate two Enavto tokens for the Jnews theme we purchased.

In most cases, updating the site theme won’t cause any problems but better to get a backup first.