Envato TF you are droppingthe ball on Checking themes & Authors

Lately there are many new authors who are just not making things clear in their description Envato used to be very strict on authors and it seems like they are just uploading incomplete themes.

In the past 2 weeks I have purchased 2 themes and today just purchased another one. The theme demo was clearly meant for another theme and the documentation was also for “another theme” NOT the one included.

When installing the demo it was corrupt and missing plugins. The documentation was so incomplete and even though the author had screen shots of the plugins and instructions it was NOT included in the ZIP files

I contacted the author with “pre-sales” questions and even after I purchased the theme. While 98 percent of the authors are Wonderful, these little hickups are costing me time and money not to mention that I am losing faith in Envato. I am sure the author is a good author however these little practices need to be checked. I can not install a broken them.