Envato Tax papers - please help

Ha ii friends,
I am envato user cryvfx.i am paying tax since 2016.every year i receive envato tax papers.
i don’t know actually what to do with that papers.can you help me for this issues?

i need to know following matters,

  1. What happen to final tax amount After deduct? (it is deducting from 2016).

  2. How can i withdrawal final Tax amount someday?

  3. How much deducted full tax amount till 2019?

  4. you send tax letter to my address so do you want fill something from my side?

I have few members in sri lanka in envato that peoples also have same trouble.

Please help us

Thank x


I think you can email at taxinfo@envato.com for official answer.


Thank you friend :slight_smile:

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Iam from India. we have tax treaty of 15% when us buyers purchase our projects. That means the us sales earning are not taxable because its already paid off during sales. so for the remaining amount I have to pay the tax as per my income slab. so we need to show these Papers as a proof of pre tax deduction and need to submit while we are doing income retunrs for tax department. so I hope you understand why these papers works now.

thank you my friend :slight_smile: