Envato TAX Form for nonUS Authors (Romania)


I’m from Romania and I received today the form 1042-S 2016 and I need to know what should I do now with the form. Should I pay anything?

Please help me.

Kind regards,
Alexandru Chirea

You need this document when you do your tax return in Romania to get a relief for foreign taxes. Romania has a double taxation treaty with the USA (10%), so there is a good chance to get a tax credit or a tax exemption granted by the Romanian tax authorities. Talk to a tax advisior in your country how to do that.

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I just got the same form today ( I am from Italy ). Is it allowed to send the document through e-mail?

So I have to go to local authorities with this form. Do I also need to pay the tax or Envato paided it for me?

If you mean the US withholding tax …yes you have already paid the withholding tax in the USA, this document is the official confirmation for this. When you declare your income for income tax in your country, you can use this to get a tax relief/tax credit. How this works depends on the tax laws in your country, that’s why I advise to consult a tax expert for your country.

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