Envato support - reading between the lines. Strangest case ever.


Hi! Today i received some of the weirdest support ticket ever. One of my statement on my profile page is “We respect our professional buyer and do not submit our music to AdRev”. I placed this, remembering few very painful cases with some of my older files and AdRev. The aim of this message was not to offend anyone, just to make it clear for my buyer - i am respecting my buyers, i am trying to make thier purchase as simple as possible. That’s what Envato support stated here - "It has recently come to our attention that you have some negative advertising on your profile page: http://audiojungle.net/user/lumenmedia specifically regarding Adrev and the authors who use this network/service.

Your profile implies that authors who choose to use the Adrev service are disrespecting buyers, which is not fair practice, and is borderline libelous, if not misleading, as the service is becoming an industry standard and is perfectly allowed on AudioJungle.

As a marketing tactic, insinuating authors who use Adrev to protect their work is disrespectful and not encouraged on our Markets. We strongly advise that you review the language used here."

Well, what? Negative advertising? Is not this is exact case, where some of “frends” here read between the lines? is not this small text created so much interpretation?

Next thing is even more funny. "Secondly, please rephrase the language used here, “For Daily Offers visit my website,” as it implies you are providing additional incentives to purchase items on the markets.

For further information on the matter, please review our item promotion guidelines." - Envato guy even did not try to open my site to check, am i cheating here, or selling something on a side. All my site is simple organized Audiojungle portfolio with NO other links to other stores, so Envato rules did not breaked here. Every BUY link leads to Audiojungle. I am frustrated. I seriously doubt in professionalism of this support guy. Why not to try NOT to read between the lines?


Totally agree. You should rethink your marketing tactics.


I agree with the support ticket too. You are implying that AdRev users do not respect professional buyers.


He he, on my native language this text is more neutral, Any ideas how to make it more neutral on English?


Agreed with the support. I would just erase anything about ad-rev, but if you insist to tell every buyers that you don’t use Ad-rev then just leav “Adrev-free” part and lose the other part about not using adrev because you respect the buyers.


Bro im agree with the support team. Maybe your idea was other, but with any words is going to sound in a wrong way. Most of the authors from AJ Submitted the tracks to AdRev and obviously we RESPECT our buyers!!! so please think about it, we are a community!!! Don’t damage the image from the other authors.


Thank you for reply. I did not have any idea to damage any author. It seems better to make this text shorter, just “AdRev free”.


Lumen Media,

In any language, in any country in any slang of the world if you write “We respect our professional buyer and do not submit our music to AdRev” it means that if you are using Adrev as a music tracking, you are selling music that is not professional, that have some kind of an illegal material and the buyers should not purchase music using Adrev, instead buy yours that don’t use Adrev. is perfectly clear in any English of the world.

The thing is, that is not true and you are lying to the people, maybe for your lazy act of not putting the instructions for people to know how to remove the claim from Adrev, that is very simple and Audiojungle is aware or because you think that if you don’t have claims on your music, the costumers will believe that it’s more easy to buy your music and make us (the authors) like unprofessional people.

So, you owes us an apology and an amendment for your actions, and if you read again what the reviewer said to you, you will understand that he is right, that you can’t use the Adrev excuse to get ahead from the other authors by lying to them and been disrespectful for the community.

Do not put anything about Adrev if you don’t have it just make it clear in the description like Audiojungle suggests but do not write anything is the best you can do.