Envato Subscription : Need Support as a New StartUp..

Dear Community,

Since new to Envato Community, I dont know much about Subscription of Envato Yearly, can anyone suggest me how it works in reality , mine is just a startup company in web development.

  1. Does here all premium themes are Free or Limited One’s ? Under Subscription Offer …
  2. Does here all Motion Graphics & Videos are Free or Limited One’s ? Under Subscription Offer.
  3. Suppose I take subscription of Envato, download a free premium theme, design a website and by chance I make Exit from Envato after few months, will End User of Website I designed will face an issue regards to License or Not … Please Clear My Thoughts.
  4. Can I reuse any website multiple times or not.

1 & 2 is for items at https://elements.envato.com NOT for the entire envato marketplaces.

  1. You have to be subscribed when the project is completed. The completed project can continue to be used after.

  2. You need to download a news copy for each website and as per above you can’t download and store items for when you are no longer subscribed.

It’s probably worth mentioning that you don’t get support or updates for items on elements so you will want to either make sure that you have the skills to make amends if needed, or be very upfront with clients where the item is from and how that works, or buy the full version of an item

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Thanks for Reply …

I want Membership of Envato for Graphics, Themes , Videos & Audio … Does the subscription will allow me to download from any of these inter connected platforms, or i need to take separate membership monthly/annually… Please suggest accordingly will go with the membership plan.

You can download any file formats from the same subscription as elements items are their own marketplace (using items from the main marketplaces) and not broken out like themeforest, graphicriver, videohive etc.

Just to reiterate it is only items that can be found on the elements page https://elements.envato.com and NOT all the individual envato marketplaces

I was not aware now I am stucked with $29 subscription, kindly let me know support staff email id so that can raise my concern and initiate for refund …

You would need to speak to elements suppprt https://help.elements.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000629486-Submit-a-Support-Ticket