Envato Studio Item Resubmission Issues

After Resubmitting my Service for about 5 days now, i have not receive any reply from the studio, can someone please help?

As i know there were people reporting +12 days review time (these days), so 5 days is really nothing :slight_smile: . I’m sure this review turnaround is because of Easter Days which caused delays.

I’m not sure that re-submission wouldn’t fall under anymore providers ??

Hey @charlie4282, what do you think about this then

Hi Zend,

Thank you for submitting your service for review.

I have rejected your service today as it contains the following issue/s. Please read our Review Guide to avoid rejections or delays in approvals of your future services.

Please make the necessary changes listed below and resubmit for review.

Issue: When naming your services emphasis shouldn’t be put on having a long or complex title. Longer service titles are more likely to be cut off in Envato Studio’s category listings, meaning they may only be partially displayed. Your title may also confuse buyers if it is unnecessarily complicated. Remember, you can use your service’s images and description to give buyers a more detailed explanation of your service, rather than having a long title.

Issue: A service example image of yours contains copyrighted material of others see here. For you service to be accepted it must only contain content created by you or licensed to you. Our Content Policy explains our stance on intellectual property and copyright in more detail. You will also need to remove the image containing an NBA player as this violates our content policy.

Please take this opportunity to actively review your example images to ensure that all items comply with our Content Policy. Remember that all assets must be properly sourced, including for use in previews. See this article for more information:

What Images, Videos, Code or Music Can I Use in my Items?

Thank you for your submission and please accept our apologies for any delays in the review process, as currently we are experiencing a higher than normal volume of review tickets.

Envato Studio is something best that happen to me for last years.
What makes it so great is they don’t want to overpopulate that place as it’s happening at all other markets aka Videohive, Audiojungle etc…Once you join, you’ll appreciate it.
Wish you luck!
On a side note, team that works there is simply amazing, keep up with good work guys! :smile:

It seems pretty clear:

  • you need to shorten the title you are using and focus on selling your services in the description

  • you have obviously submitted an image containing copyrighted or protected content (an NBA player?). This is the same as if someone used this type of content in a theme etc.

Without seeing the images yo submitted it’s impossible to comment on, but basically whatever you use needs to be licensed for you to us eit commercially - really if you are promoting your services then images should be of your personal branding or your own work as an example.

On a positive note it sounds like they are willing to reconsider your services but are just help up with excessive volume of applications.

Now you are talking:smile:

Finally our service has been approved by the Studio https://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress-installation/45791-all-in-one-wordpress-installation-service, the crew is now in business again. Big thanks to every one that contribute to this thread.