Envato Studio Closing - connect to me here...

Well since Envato Studio is closing, lets place our new profile links here for our existing clients.

Username: alisaleem252
Studio profile: alisaleem252 Profile on Envato Studio

It won’t work…

Envato has allowed to add external service platforms in Envato Studio Profile.

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I’m aware…

It won’t work here at the forum.

Our regular forum rules prevent self-promotion links, but we’re going to make an exception for this thread - following the guidelines for Studio Service Providers on the Help Centre here. Please note the legal disclaimer below:

In the month leading up to our final day, you can use your Envato Studio profile to promote your work website so that buyers know how to contact you off-platform. Please note that Envato accepts no responsibility or liability for any work that takes place outside the Envato Studio site, and by promoting your work website, you agree to indemnify Envato against all losses, costs (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis), expenses, demands or liability that we incur arising out of, or in connection with, a third party claim against us relating to your independent work website.

To make it easier for customers and other community members to find you, please update your Studio profile page with any off-site contact information. Once you’ve updated your profile, you can add a link to it in this thread.

@alisaleem252 I’ve just restored the link to your post.

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(removed URL)

Thank You

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I don’t feel like to hi-jack the topic but I have already decided to go back to ThemeForest for WordPress themes. Considering the time ( coding / designing ) takes a while, I’m just wondering if there’s any jQuery Advanced level developer who’s willing to do partnership. Feel free to drop me an email

Again, I believe sharing the Studio links won’t be useful after 21st of August as the Studio website will be shut-down all together.

Hi, I am considering having a new platform to help the freelancers community after the closure of Envato Studio on August 21st, by offering a new service where they can have their reviews showcased on the new platform. If you are interested in such a project, please let me know. I will make every attempt to help the community to import their credentials, and as much as possible data about themselves. Anybody interested in such a project? This platform will only be to freelancers and not to authors, since that would be illegal and there would be a conflict of interest. It is only available to freelancers that were only employed at Envato Studio.

Please let me know and we could proceed from there. I already have the site up and tweaking it, but need to know how your data can be downloaded so it could be reuploaded to the new platform. I would like to know asap, so that enough freelancers can get the word and we could hopefully start live on the new platform before Envato Studio shuts down completely on August 21st.

It’s been discussed on another thread - having a platform is not gonna be solution as most of the clients were coming from “Express Services”. Most of the providers are able to create their own website ( WordPress / WooCommerce, takes an hour or two ) as well as there are too many freelancer websites. It’s not about the system, it’s about finding the clients.

No question anybody can have a website, but if it is promoted as a business to fill the void created by closing Envato Studio, what harm can anybody incur except spending 10 -15 minutes to create one’s profile for their services?

There is absolutely no harm in someone setting up a new site and profiles.

I believe the point was more that:

A) it is not going to be possible to use data generated in envato’s ecosystem to promote a third party site

B) the issue is not creating the new site, it’s how/why would any traffic end up there in competition with the growing number of freelancer marketplaces who are spending terrifying numbers on advertising and partnerships.