Envato Studio Author Monthly Withdrawal

Envato Studio should allow authors to withdraw anytime, they can add minimum withdrawal limits, but this fixed monthly withdrawal date is really annoying and the payment is held for a month for no reason.

What do you think? Any Envato Studio Author?

It’s not for only Studio. It’s Envato’s policy and I believe they won’t change it

Hello @alisaleem252

This policy is like one type of business company. Every company pay salary of last month on 15-20 of next month

Thanks :slight_smile:

I know about the policy, i am just saying that it should change specially for Envato Studio. Would you not like it?

But we are not employees, we are freelancers, i can understand the monthly fixed date for Marketplaces, but not for Custom Jobs. Wouldn’t you prefer to have that privilege?

As in a custom job we are dependent on clients with time frame to keep our cashflow smooth, we expect them review our work as quickly as possible so we can get quick feedback and take appropriate action.