Envato Studio and Twenty20 to close

Sad to see Studio go ! I am sure Envato must have looked for potential buyers of their platform. The economies are in a bad state, people are taking up less projects, lesser sales.

Hi all. Thank you for all the questions and comments so far - I appreciate that while some of you have said that the Studio closure has felt inevitable for a while now, it is still a shock for many in our community.

I’ve been compiling questions from this thread to raise with other teams within Envato. Please keep them coming, and I’ll make sure these are taken to the appropriate people.

In regards to the question about implications for Envato Market (ThemeForest, VideoHive, AudioJungle etc) - no, there are no plans to close the Envato Market sites. As we have acknowledged here, the Marketplace sites remain the foundation on which Envato is built.

I’ve seen several requests for a way to export all of your Studio customer reviews (e.g. from @dedalx @gfxmotion and others). Our developers are currently looking at options for handling this - we’ll share more details once we have a confirmed solution for this.

We can’t provide customer contact information due to privacy requirements - however, all Envato Studio customers have also been contacted by email about the closure, with a link to the Buyer FAQ for more information.

If you have a freelancer profile on other sites, you can update your Studio profile to promote your work so that buyers know how to contact you off-platform (following the guidelines here).

I’ll keep this thread updated with more answers to questions over the coming days.

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@BenLeong @KingDog
Please consider and provide a experience letter.Because I have worked full time as envato service provider.
Sudden closing of envato studio will affect me a lot.please give a experience letter so I can look for 9-5 job from good company.

Otherwise i cant get a job from good company with decent package. Company won’t consider client review .

Please give download link for experience letter as pdf will help me to get a job.


This is very bad news for me. I have been working on Studio from the beginning. Now all my reviews and client will gone.

Envato should give us an experience certificate with all our customers reviews and send us the contact information of our clients. So that we can survive in this economic crisis.

This a future notice for all marketplace authors that they might face the same problem like us. So they should start selling their products on own website. Who knows that next year Themeforest will close in short notice


Hi @KingDog @BenLeong
Envato should consider giving us some form of certificate and reviews, it will help ease the pain on our side,
Extending the date will also help

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I understand it might be too much to ask for… Why not collaborate with other similar platforms to merge our ratings/reviews.
I’m sure other similar platforms will be willing to get “experienced” web developers in their platform.

People wouldn’t even bother to comment here but its the main source of income for many and sudden announcement of closing affects a lot - financially as well as psychologically.

I hope Envato team will think something about it - one last push before it closes.


Totally agree. This is a professional way that Envato should do for all authors who have worked here many years instead of a short closing notification.


This really gives a message for the authors

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Why don’t you offer a bonus for a month or two with an amount of the average income for the last 6 months? At least, by that time everyone could decide what to do and make a proper decision how to continue working without worrying the families or paying the bills.

In some ways, you wouldn’t be offering it from your pocket, you’d be giving away part of the commission we have been paying to you for over 9 years.

I don’t think transferring the “reviews” to somewhere else wouldn’t help at all. It’s either a certificate for all of us or just keeping the Studio profile at least for 2-3 years.


@KingDog @BenLeong
Studio should have been integrated into Element and in my opinion, I don’t think that it’s too late to do that

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HI Ben , when can we start sharing our other profiles or personal information with clients to continue working outside the platform without getting penalized? Some of us like to play fair till the end of this journey. As many of us spent a lot of time here its fair to get in touch with some clients and get some works if possible till all communication stops

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Agree with you… the certificate will pay our bills… providing just reviews is not enough for the loss… sorry to say this but it is true…

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Why not selling the platform to some other company, or provide alternatives to freelancers? There are thousands of people harmed by that decision. I think there is a lack of empathy from those in charge of this platform.


@BenLeong @KingDog
Please consider provide freelancer experience letter which will helps to get a job from 9-5 companies.

Most companies will do previous experience if we didn’t get experience. We will be consider as fresher.
Then it will be like we have gone 8 years back.

Please provide freelancer experience letter and contact email for companies background verification.

Please consider this. If we didn’t get experience letter , most of people future will affect a lot.Without experience letter companies consider as fresher and 8 backward and have start as fresher .

Please please consider and provide experience letter.

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I just got this email from the team - I don’t think it’d be a problem to share it here :

Our legal team has approved Studio Proof of Employment letters. Anyone who needs/wants one can send us a ticket and we will provide these.


@ki-themes Seriously ?
Please share screenshot of mail.

I was in touch with them already. Just contact support.


@KingDog @BenLeong please confirm about studio proof of employment letter ?

@ki-themes please share screenshot link of email you received ?


Just contact the support already.