Envato staff or authors, need help please

Hello, guys

I faced with 2 incredible problems and i don’t know how to resolve them. My theme was soft-rejected for 2 reasons. I’m using Unyson Framework as a theme engine. Envato allows to use it (it is in theme compatible list), but reviewer rejects my theme because:

  1. Fatal error: Call to undefined function fw_ext_sidebars_get_current_position(). This can happen only for 1 reason - reviewer has an old Unyson plugin version which doesn’t have “Sidebars” framework extension. This function exists in documentation http://raw-test.readthedocs.org/en/latest/extension/sidebars/ and i checked in the code, “if framework is active then use this function”. How to explain to reviewer that he should use latest version of unyson plugin and sidebar extension? As always, no one can hear me and they continue to reject a theme with this reason

  2. Remove this file please (database.sql). Unyson Framework has “Demo data installation” extension, and it requires this file in the theme package to work a demo data installer http://unyson-framework.readthedocs.org/en/latest/extension/contentdemoinstall/#auto-install. I tried to explain this to reviewers, but without results

These problems make me crazy, what should i do?

Did you get this solved?