Envato Sites is shutting down?

Hello, I just paid for the $198 a year unlimited download for themes and stock stuffs and the FOLLOWING DAY (today, April 3rd 2020) I was welcomed with a screen thanking customers for 7 years of service and that they are “going in a different direction with Envato.” WTF does that mean. What’s going away? I can’t find a single customer service request so… any idea what is going away exactly?


Open a Envato Elements Help Ticket they would like to assist you.



Envato’s Elements is not “shutting down”. I haven’t seen any similar message. Elements is only a couple year old, while Envato as a whole is over ten year old. Are you sure that you were on an actual Envato site?

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Could you find that message again or screenshot it?

What sure are you on? Elements or a main marketplace?

Are you sure that this is not just being taken out of context?

I.e. could they be suggesting, as a positive update, that envato have moved to offer the traditional way of buying items OR now, elements and working as a subscriber?

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Joshua - nobody is closing Envato :slight_smile: Stay calm and enjoy downloading from elements :slight_smile: hehe

So I did in fact get in contact with Envato who clarified they are indeed closing down a portion of Envato for good but won’t affect me and hopefully not too many of you. It’s their proprietary web design platform aptly called “websites.” I was scared cause I just paid $198 yesterday and not 24 hours later got that random popup I couldn’t replicate so I panicked a bit. Glad I didn’t sign up for Envato to use it (I’m here for themes and stock stuffs only) 'cause it’s gonna be totally kaput by June 2020 which sounds devastating for those who have websites on it!! Envato will also apparently not be providing copies of these websites or offering migration service so everyone is just SOL… ?? Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s what I understand is this scenario (Ouch). Anyway… careful as the world turns you don’t fly right the heck off, huh.


You’re talking about Envato Sites - our Simple Site Builder tool. It was one of our many beta sites that we use to test the waters on new or different markets. And just like Google we see what works and what doesn’t :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey there @jushualutz, Sam here from Envato Sites Customer Success! If you’d like more info on the Simple Site Builder from Envato Sites and to read through how the platform is being shut down check out this guide on our Help Centre: https://help.sites.envato.com/en/articles/3761621-envato-sites-is-shutting-down
Please note that only Envato Sites is shutting - all other Envato products are unaffected.

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