Envato Should Have a Plan About Turkish Authors During the Earthquake!

Hi folks,

As you know, we are faced with the biggest earthquake in the Turkish Republic’s history. Also, this earthquake very rare sample of modern human time history.

Envato Elements have a lot of Turkish Authors. Things not going great and Envato can support their authors. Maybe they can do some initiatives about taxes for a month or two or something else.

During the war in Ukraine, solidarity was very great and I expected Envato to do something similar but didn’t get any e-mail, so it was a disappointment.

For me, this evening the first time I can open my laptop from 6th Feb. I was in Mardin city during the 2 big earthquakes and we leave our house. We stayed in the hotel for couple days and yesterday evening we flew to Istanbul. My 25 project just paused and I don’t think I can work for a while. I’m much luckier than the other authors who live in the main earthquake cities.

As a Turkish author, I’m expecting solidarity from Envato. What is your opinion?



It is sad that Envato, which has thousands of Turkish designers and users, did not even publish a get well message in the biggest disaster in our history. Affecting 13.5 million people, I hope the wounds of this disaster will be healed quickly.

Geçmiş olsun​:pray::handshake:


They publish a post in the Linkedin group. Better than nothing but they need to take an action.

Even Etsy make a move and initiatives their Turkish sellers.

When Envato Element rise, we were a part of it.


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Hi @Sinlatown. Sorry that I missed this post on Monday - I’m glad to hear that you and your family are safe!

We have friends and family of some Envato staff members directly affected by the earthquakes, both in Turkey and Syria. Envato has been matching staff donations to aid agencies supporting earthquake relief efforts, with internal fundraising for SmartAID (Turkey), White Helmets (Syria) and Medecins Sans Frontiers.


Hello, @BenLeong I’m really glad to hear about Envato made donations. Especially when compared with Zara, Netflix, and Starbucks, I’m happy to hear about Envato taking more quick action about that.

I hope your friends and family are ok and safe. I’m very sorry to hear about them.

Besides the donations, as earthquake victims, Envato could take some actions against Turkish authors too. I know many people just like me away from home, have limited internet connection and even limited laptop usage chance. And I’m afraid this is going to be like this for a while.

Simply, we can’t be working. About conditions and physiological circumstances. Envato can take some initiatives for a while for Turkish authors. I’m not begging for help and I’m not asking for myself only. I won’t be hurt if I won’t take it. But there are a lot of authors in the worst condition than me.

I wish we could see any actions before I’m typing into the community. That hurts!

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Donations need to be made and a fundraiser led, I hope it won’t be a huge disappointment.

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