Envato sharing our address and real name with buyers

Today I see the invoice details and buyers can see my name and address info. Is this safe?
I don’t want to show this.

Please check the comments of this thread.


Go to Menu -> Settings -> Invoice & Credit Note Settings -> enable “Hide your personal identity” checkbox .

This is not a solution.

They say buyers can still see my full info.

Ah yes, you’re right :expressionless:

Street address is never shown. There’s some details here from a discussion a few days ago:

Thanks for info dtbaker

that would be great that we are told before , we have to fall by chance on this toe of information … i personally cannot identify how getting to know where we are living exactly is going to be beneficial for buyers anyway … let’s face it , many of us are individuals, not companies and for that matter this kind of information is not expected to be displayed in authors side

@dtbaker not sure about that. My street address is showing on my invoice even though I’ve checked the hide option on the settings. Will it be okay to remove the street address on the settings and resubmit the tax info? Thanks!


Street address shows on our copy of the invoice. But the buyers copy of the invoice doesn’t have it.

It’s really quite confusing, and hopefully Envato adds a little notice or some sort of preview in the help docs to show this.

Hi, I just set up shop and am seeing my personal information (personal name, address, city, country) on the invoices from my sales.

I have checked the following option: ‘Hide your personal identity’. And from what I’ve read is that the buyer receives a different invoice than the one I see but I would like to know which information is shown on the buyers invoice. Are they still seeing my Country? Or are they only seeing my username?

And what does the following mean “Be aware that some buyers may require your full author details on their invoices for tax or other purposes.” Does this mean that Envato will display your address information to buyers that request it or live in certain countries?

Go to Menu -> Settings -> Invoice & Credit Note Settings -> enable “Hide your personal identity” checkbox .

When a buyer purchases an item, they need the invoice of that purchase with full details of the vendor they purchased it from. This helps them in their accounting, expenses and taxation purpose. Proper and complete details should be entered so that the invoice is useful for the buyer.