Envato server or speed limited in Mexico

Hi, Im kind of good user I think. But have some months that when ever I need to check for a new videohive template, I always keep loosing my time. It takes A LOT of time for videos to load. Now I just bought a 1.6 GB template. I have tryed to download it like 6 times. It just wont download, or lose the conection.

I have a pretty good internet, and also have a server in Canada. The server in Canada download it fast. So, I dont want to think that there are different levels in customers. How come my server in Canada works fast, and in Mexico just wont show video previews fast. I always end up loosing time just to find the right video. (Waiting the video to load) I know you will look into that, and make our search experience great.

thank you

Video previews I believe are serviced using Amazon CloudFront (which is a layer on top of Amazon S3). Downloads are directly from Amazon S3. Both of these have servers in the United States and Canada, but no servers in Mexico.

In most cases I’ve seen, the issue comes down to the ISP.

Rarely, with CloudFront, a connection will be very slow at the beginning (only for up to a few seconds) while the CloudFront service downloads the actual file from S3. However, if this were to happen, you wouldn’t get a slow load time if you refreshed the page, because CloudFront would then have the resources cached.

If you want to debug further, you can try performing a traceroute on s3.amazonaws.com to see exactly where it’s being slow. Sadly I don’t think Envato has a way to help you with this issue but you can reach support here.