envato search still not improved

I’m a regular buyer only… for several years… I rarely hit the forum and mostly to complain :slight_smile: and today is no different…

Todays example… I go to photodune and enter the search terms:

doctor using ipad
doctor ipad

and get a zero on both counts… with this gem tacked on…

No one is going to believe you anyway

We couldn’t find any results for your search. Use more generic words or double check your spelling.

I’m pretty sure i can’t put urls or image links here in this post… so, go to competitor istock and try even just the first search term… and see the abundance of photos presented for me to purchase…

Is this because of the same person who makes the claims that envato quality checks every item?

When you enter just “ipad” there are 57 items, but if you search for “tablet” there are 19447 items.

So, if there is no item which consist (“ipad” AND “doctor”) OR (“ipad doctor”) tag, there will no results.

This is how I think it works maybe I am wrong with this, but that is how I see it.

I think you are probably right, but for a site like Envato it should be using contemporary algorithms because the search function is paramount in the sales process.

Google and Facebook (probably some other sites) have (or work on) algorithms which can detect what is on image (like sky, house, people, dog, car…) but here, all is working only on tags like 99% other sites.

Yeah, iStock / Getty use tags, and as I said… the results today for my search was gratifying there, and hence that’s where I bought some photos… unlike envato, where it just pissed me off with no results unless I had to think harder.