Envato’s First Worldwide Asia Conference

Waiting For Chennai City

Hi guys. I wonder what the main language in this conference? Only English or talk with a Translator?

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good news. i am a web designer in isfahan

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Hey @GTMotion there will be translation into the local language (from English) for Envato presentations and for the Q&A Panel Discussion.

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We are still looking for volunteers for the Envato Worldwide Conferences in India & Bangladesh (March 2020), so if you’re interested in volunteering please check out the roles available here and apply now! :slight_smile:

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Good info! Thank you

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Thank you for your info. We are interested. :blush:

Lovely Waiting for Dhaka in 2020

Woah it really amazing, thanks for visiting us, hope we’ll meet again next year :slight_smile:

Is Pakistan and Dubai in the future plan ?

Thank you Envato :grinning:

Will those who attend will get a new badge?

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@Mini_Lou When will registration open for Chennai 2020

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looking for something in bangkok …

Impressive information. I learn many things from here. Thanks for sharing this.

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Cant wait to see you guys in mumbai

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The only setback I believe is, dates are so close to a country conference. For example

Mumbai / Delhi is in march so what if someone wants to attend both?

Same with Dhaka, What if I wants to attend all three but I dont think that would be possible due to close dates.

Atleast give dates quickly as possible and if possible please shift these conferences and give some gap so if someone wish to attend two or more can attend

Just saying :slight_smile:

When will you guys ever come down to Africa.