envato 's anniversary

hi guys , today is envato’s anniversary , am i correct? pls do not tell me that the way the company is celebrating this, is just by giving 30% off envato studio services! where has the usual gift gone? normally they used to provide people with a day without fees ? (which was pretty much a good idea indeed) is that the new policy? it looks like that all good things are surprisingly taken out and not good one introduced instead … 1o years is a major milestone and do not tell me that nothing at all is done for authors …

besides i have been away for a while from the forum, and what is happening here , well this has gone even less intuitive and even more difficult to use , this is a total mess …


I had the same thoughts like you :slight_smile: In the past the birthday was always a great event for the authors here.

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well it looks like that we, authors, are even more “separated partners” than in the past with once again “the partners” not being rewarded with increasing attention , but the other way around … sad thing to think about

the problem is that diversity is both a huge strength and a substantial weakness at the same time, and if some people are likely to believe that the quality is not the same as it used to be, despite there are still huge talents here, this is also out of having some people going away and thus out of not paying enough attention about creative and talented people here. The focus on numbers (of authors and items / submissions) and volume is responsible for this. Besides, this brand new envato elements is just that once again. There is a selection, yes, but looks like not necessarily the killers from all marketplaces and ll categories not represented, it looks like just another gap creating element in what is supposed to be a community, which is quite incompatible in my view. But as u mentioned this “new step” is just showing the concern for buyers but not for creators and highlighting the lack of partnership between designers and “the envato institution”. One thing is for sure also , this is that shift to consumer-oriented market makes not much sense as this is going counter-clock with quality and creativity so with what this place is supposed to stand for. All this will end up in decreasing quality for sure and how legitimate can a quality control be in all this , i am wandering …

Well … i think that is just a tax issue the fact that they are not so “generous” like some time ago.
I think that they don’t have the right to give extra fee or gifts.
If you notice there are no more bundles also.

if u ask me this is just a pretext, million dollar companies always find ways to play with flaws in the system but it depends for whom, most importantly, they are likely to do for guys who have no money at all lol like share holders , for authors this is another story …

Why do you assume it isn’t happening? :wink:

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Because it isn’t? Seems pretty obvious from looking at the statement page :slight_smile:

Isn’t? Or hasn’t yet? :grin:


one thing is for sure is that authors were taken away from celebrations this year and the feeling of “partnership” has been decreasing again …