Envato removing my support for a seller despite of being within the guideline

I been a customer on Envato for years and purchased many items over the years. Most recently I bought 3 Scripts to run on demand app on wordpress. One main code and two other are extensions.

The code had major documentation issue (broken images, broken videos), I contacted seller multiple time, and many left comment, every time the seller go ahead and decline to update defending he has perfect documentation.

Eventually, I gave him negative review (but 100% proper), he responded angry calling me lair, and I am trying to get refund. I reported the issue to Envato support but no action was taken. I reviewed all 3 items separately because none worked. All 3 reviews got removed.

I finally figured out the first 1, I can configure it but the code has bugs nothing work like add to cart feature, images, and banners show broken. So I add new review with 3 stars.

For some reason, my reviews removed again despite of the fact I didn’t violate any guideline. The seller keep claim any review that is negative is asking for money, even in comments. The guy have made over 1350 sale on envator. Does Elite seller has the power to simply submit tickets and get reviews removed ?

I also noticed one person in support every time a review is removed keep contacting me with message saying did u contact the seller but when i reply i don’t get any response

I can’t really say without knowing the whole background etc., but the Help Team will work off certain guidelines when it comes to removing reviews. Item comments are a bit more tricky and I could see why comments that are a review of the product might be removed.

Regardless, the Help Team will be your best source for any refund or item review issues. They may be able to provide more details.