Envato rejected my item can any please explain why it continuously reject

My Bootstrap 5 templates are rejected can anyone give the reason for that every time envato give only one reason of quality but didnt give specific point so we can improve it on we

Here is my Item Link :- https://

Quality over quantity

There’s nothing premium about any of thse landing pages and having a ton of basic landing page designs (mostly using similar elements with different design features) is not going to get approved on it’s own

You have navigation in the header and footer to all sorts of other pages which goes nowhere and feels very unfinished and emphasises the need to offer more.

So before stating development we need to first i think approve design from you all guys because every time we develop and then we received rejection.

so now before developing any design can we show you guys that it will good or not ?

You can share designs in the forums (not with reviewers) for feedback but there’s no way to guarantee approval.

You need to consider all of the different factors for approval e.g. modern and original design, robust coding, competitive compared to other items already for sale, premium value etc.