Envato rating system

The existing rating system is not objective. For example:

  1. One item has been sold 2000 times. He received 1000 ratings with a rating of 5 stars and 1 single rating with a rating of 1 star. It will be below the item, which was sold 3 times and received 3 ratings for 5 stars.
  2. Excellent item was sold 100 times, but because of incompetent customers or unscrupulous competitors, he received 3 ratings for 1 star. After which sales are killed.

Other problem:
Customers who are satisfied with the purchase, usually forget to leave a positive rating or just do not know how to do it. And the authors do not have the opportunity to contact them.

Dear Envato team, if you don’t plan to give authors access to clients email addresses, then maybe it makes sense to change the rating calculation method to a fairer one?

As an example:
True Bayesian estimate - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bayes'_theorem

Sorry for my English.

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2000 purchases with 1000 ratings? Sounds unreal :slight_smile:


I agree, something needs to be done. I haven’t recieved a single rating in almost 5 years, but I make sales regularly.

this is most importantly not completely"fair" as people who come to rate most of the time are the people who have something wrong to say lol when satisfied people very often do not take time to cone to rate … but hard to set up such a system with no flaw at all this is working rather well if u ask me , apart when it comes to ridiculous ratings and very unfair comments … (i faced this once)
i think the real deal about this system is about legitimacy indeed, u have a professional review here done by professionals judging professionals and sometimes u have customers who are not designers themselves rating badly without understanding what they are rating in terms of work or whatever else. how could an item be rated one star for instance in such conditions? this would basically “judge professional review team wrong”, this is a strange thing to think about in the current system as such …