Envato quality standards, how do understand them?

I made a cover for a music track, tried to make it unique, but again received a hard rejection, as always lately. What is wrong, I do not understand at all on what principle work is accepted here(



hi i think that the rejection is not hard to understand indeed and the good news is that there are many “lethal” mistakes that u have done here which turn out to be very easy to fix … first of all, think about it … what is the point of having a text if it almost be read … what i am trying to explain is that u messed with a basic design principle > contrast. This is very bad an idea to mess with it as this is a basic design principle , actually. But , most importantly this is probably the worst to mess with as this principle is necessarily bringing u into additional trouble in a snowball effect. Look, not only is there a problem with contrast but obviously in terms of readability and hierarchy in the process, as well, mechanically … To further explain about it , the readability thing is very easy to understand , i guess this is useless to add anything more that the text is not readable , period. But when it comes to hierarchy that may not look as much of a huge evidence, maybe. In fact , as the text is expected to be read and not only that but to spring out as well, the text, name and brand are sort of relegated to secondary information status. This is not done. A singer, a band, or even a club, what they feel like doing is promoting themselves, not to only to get noticed but also to have people keep them in mind. If the name, brand or whatever is hardly visible like this, there is simply no impact and u just end up selling your design, but the print template has no efficiency whatsoever for the target. Furthermore, apart from the issues, there are other big issues that u are confronted with. Once again i will say that they are not so difficult to handle but that they are explaining for the rejection all the same. First comes the lighting … the light on the side of the moon gives a light direction for the whole document. Why do u have no sign of this light on top the hill, on the title or even slightly on the landscape? What i want to tell u is that if u do not dodge and burn the elements as expected, then the scene looks very far from being as realistic as it could be. Still about the lighting, u have a cool effect with street lamp but this is incomplete as there should be also a diffuse light coming out of it , too, and, once again , there should be an impact from the light on the ground for instance … what u do not have at this stage. Finally, about the lighting, sorry to say just that but we “cannot buy it” … with such a reddish car that u have such a really blue light under the car, even if we were considering that there are blue neon tubes under the car … for the car is not impacted by this blue light as well. U also have an problem with texts disposition globally , the record name is not properly positioned according to the z-shape reading process , in other words, the way the eyes are sweeping across any document while coming across it. It looks like u placed texts according to what was convenient for u with your design rather putting where they can be valued, where they can be outstanding and where they should be placed for the document to be efficient indeed. I guess that some people would also consider this for this item. There is not really much space where people can easily add some additional information if required


Thanks! For your constructive comment. i am far from a beginner and i am well aware of what i am doing and why. With the illumination in this project, everything is fine, as well as with the readability of the text, and with the overall composition. And the main thing for me in this work is the mood that it conveys. I think it’s a great job for the band or artist, but it is unacceptable for envato.

The mood is fine but the mood itself doesn’t sell if you don’t perfectly integrate it with design principles and a strong concept. Unfortunately it is hard to understand your idea and its applicability for potential customers. The selling potential is the main criteria in review process. Your item has a very narrow niche to monetize.

ah ok so u are an incredibly misunderstood genius , ok … good luck for the next ones if so …

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I agree with a narrow niche for monetization, but everything is fine with the design principles here) It was just a mistake to send this project to envato. In one of the social networks, this cover gained 79,000 likes, so I decided to try it)

“First comes the lighting … the light on the side of the moon gives a light direction for the whole document. Why do u have no sign of this light on top the hill, on the title or even slightly on the landscape? What i want to tell u is that if u do not dodge and burn the elements as expected, then the scene looks very far from being as realistic as it could be.”

You have a very strange perception of space and light. There is such a thing as perspective and deleting objects relative to it. the moon is much further away than the hills, the light falls on it from the bottom, the name is the closest to the perception and it should not in any way get the light that illuminates the moon.

Good luck to you too!

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Don’t confuse likes with sales. Your goal here should be to sell items not to gain likes and appreciations. In this case clearly you don’t understand the marketplace. This is a marketplace orientated on commercial items for every day use and simple enough that everyone can understand it. If your strategy is to create art like / niched items this is not the right place for you.


And wouldn’t musicians want a cover for a track that would appeal to its audience, which would be perceived as a subject of art, the answer is obvious)


this is too bad that rather than opening to objective criticism u decide to ignore it … your work is good, but not perfect as i explained and sorry to say just that but all that u tried to reply is making no sense at all … if the moon is so very far away than what u mention and thus has no consequences in terms of light, then this is misplaced and way too big as well … as fro the text , u seems consider that there is nothing wrong with it but the thing is not readable at all … just try this with another creation and i can guaranty u that next time your item will be rejected again, even if the design is good - besides this is an opportunity for me to tell again that i like what u had here apart form the mistake that i pointed out … - since a flyer , cover or whatever where the text is close to unreadable and violates the contrast basic principle is meant to be rejected , no matter what …


the real deal is that a musician or whoever else would not accept that the name of the album , his / her name cannot be read , and u can take it to the bank, this is branding and marketing …

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Check the sales for abstract, art like music covers in the last month

With $200 I can cover the sales / month for everyone on this page. In other words this is peanuts money.

It seems that we have already found out that I just made a mistake in the place of publication and I don’t seem to have an abstract cover. But thanks for the criticism anyway

We have already found out that I just made a mistake in the place of publication. But thanks for the criticism anyway)

if it were just a matter of this the item would not be hard rejected , they do not normally simply reject for a detail … and the fact of the matter is that if so this basically means that u cannot resubmit again afterwards anyways, since u are expected to bring “significant modifications” enough to a hard rejected items to be able to resubmit it again. What u mention is not and this basically means that if u resubmit again u are likely to potentially face big time trouble like having your uploading rights suspended …

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I will not send this work again, and in General I will not send any more graphic design works to envato, I will only send mockup they are always accepted)

anyway good luck buddy for the next things, if u can sell mockups, this is pretty good, a lot of people buy add ons, this is part of the most favorable types of items indeed

I’m having a hard time understanding this entire so call update and it took over 20 days to review a track that was supposed to be for Christmas!
By the time they reviewed it, Christmas was already here and on the day of Christmas, I get the rejection email which is clear to me it would be rejected due to xmas already being here and passing!

I just don’t get it how a multi-billion dollar company is having to take almost a month to review your tracks!

As for rejections, every track they rejected has been approved by other libraries
So I’m just so lost and have no clue to what I’m doing wrong!!?!?!?!?!

I haven’t had a track approved in about 3-4 months!!! with only 3 tracks on my account!
I was submitting weekly to grow this account but due to the new updates, I’m now down to only uploading 2 a month!
all my tracks have been in a similar format as the ones that have been approved!

Feels like something fishy going on?? Or they just don’t like me or something???

I have no clue and I don’t know where to seek help because they just send out an email template of rejections and it says the same thing so I have no clue what I’m doing wrong!!

Review time was supposed to improve but it really hasn’t improved at all it got worse!!
I had already had 2 other tracks reviewed and approved on another library and still didn’t have my Xmas track reviewd!

I’m so lost I wish I could help out!!!
I wish there was a way I can find things out better!
This makes it extremely hard to improve the catalog!
I have been stuck with the same 3 tracks for months now and nothing else is getting approved!
Please keep me posted if you find more information because I surely need the help!!
Thank you, happy holidays, and good luck!

can you stop by and critic my work please!!
Thank you!

Honestly I would NOT purchase this at all
The presentation is everything I’m no expert, however there is great valid points made here
You need to humble yourself a little more and understand likes shares and comment are totally different from sales, specially if you looking to have this product sell or purchased!

Most of those like are not honest likes, just a bunch of yes men/women
so you need to separate yourself from that mindset and ask yourself do you want like or do you want sales?
If you want likes keep up the amazing job!
If you want sales shut your ego off for a moment and really take the advice that is being provided to help you with sales!

i wish i had this amazing advise for my products!!!

Have a great day!