Envato quality standards, how do understand them?

Hi! Can someone tell me what needs to be done to bring the flyer to the right envato quality standards?

To achieve the required quality standard you need to create a unique design with a strong concept. Your flyer is too generic with no solid concept and looks like a free template that you can find with a simple google search.


Thanks! But I have flyers in my portfolio with an even simpler design, and yet they sold well and this flyer would have been 100% bought more than once, but alas)

hi yes u may have but flaws in the reviewing system do exist … and the fact of the matter is that sometimes people say this bur refer to old products but the standards have gradually raised dramatically ever since … what i mean by this is that this is not proving @DesignSomething wrong … u also have to realize that having item bought once should not be a target and that this is not proving that the item should even be for sale …
to be honest what he told u is perfectly true … this is too simple, too basic and definitely lacking at least originality touches, if not a way stronger concept … the only way the theme is transpiring in what u have here , this is thought the melted picture , which is very “light” in my opinion. In addition, colors are clean but they are also super common to say the least especially for this type of item and this is not bringing your item to the next level for u to use the concerned colors, indeed
the global style has close to no graphic design at all , u have a rounded squared edge and a pict inside, , a few small logos that are copyrighted and not supposed to be here , period … this decreases considerably the interest that people may have in what u have created and decreases gamely the commercial potential of your item, too, u also have had trouble to handle the white space implied by the central slanted shape that u used and did not manage to make up for it …
business forum is rather central information and u have relegated it to a secondary one right now … and the event and date look disconnected from each other both in terms of positioning and size too , which makes very little sense in this context

Thanks! But I just tried to make a light not overloaded design closer to the web design, so the white space contrasts perfectly with the dense title, the logos are specially taken such, because the client must place their own, as well as the photo and text, this is a template, not the final design. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you tell me a good reason why I should buy your flyer instead of choosing one from here?http://shorturl.at/jmvDX

Well, at least because it’s not free, and a lot of people haven’t downloaded it yet. And oddly enough, there are many similar leaflets on envato that you have linked to, and they are being sold. :slightly_smiling_face: