Envato quality standards for presentations and how to understand them?

Hi! Can someone tell me what needs to be done to bring this presentation to the right envato quality standards? Please, any feedback or tips to be accepted in the future are welcome.
Thank you.

hi, if u ask me this is fair, the things is that u have small issues here and there for alignement, spacing, text positioning . u have also a few contrast problems here and there are some texts not being the real exposure that it should take of that are not so easily readable, sometimes. The typo seems to be one of the main concerns , if u ask me , as this is still flat , clean but flat and lacking variations, font combinations and touches of originality as well, in my view, not to mention that some texts look somehow a bit distorted too …
in my opinion, the small icons that u have in many screenshots are too close from the margins, this is taking te breathing away and this makes texts look less attractive to read too otherwise i have a bit trouble to identity why the orange color of some slides, this is not pairing well with the yellow and this looks like u are breaking the color codes , too

Oh, so the yellow logo doesn’t match the dark blue alloy?

What about the first page logo can be shaped like a triangle?